The pleasure to walk

Are you a dynamic and active woman? Even in summertime are you very busy and full of appointment? Cinti has selected the perfect sandal for you!

Very colorful, comfortable thanks to the higher and soft sole. You can combine them with a light clothing, linen trousers, a dress, they are really versatile so you can match them with anything you want!

You can wear them on a working day, at the seaside, for a promenade and inside your baggage for your summer travels.

What are you waiting for? Discover Comfy Walk selection, try them and you can’t do without them.




Red is the new black?

This year runways are theater of a chromatic battle: we are talking about the fight between black and red. The trend of the year see red at first place. This is the color of passion, it expresses force, and fierceness and it give strong personality to every outfit.

Otherwise, black is not easly to depose. Black is the most loved shade, versatile and it matches with any other color (sin few years, even with blue!) and it expresses elegance and glamour. Black is timeless, it won’t never go out of fashion.

Cinti has realized a selection of various models by 2018 Spring/Summer Collection; the selection is composed by bags and shoes available in black and red: Black vs Red

What are you waiting for? The match is open, now it’s up to you to decide which color is going to win!   




The most important thing to look for in shoes is not heel height, but how they make you feel. A medium heel can produce in you a prouder feeling than walking with a 12 cm high heel. Moreover, if you are an emancipate and busy woman running all day, medium heel pump shoes are your best friend.

Cinti, replies punctually to its loyal customer’s requests, never omits style. Look at Everyday Shoes selection, perfect mélange of comfort and impeccable elegance.
Rose lamé leather or black suede pump shoes: lovely footwear with comfortable heel and ankle strap. Red and black suede slim back with fringe and gold inserts: it is closed in the front part and it has a back strip, a chic and elegant model to combine with a suit and classic trouser.
Do you love retrò style? Buckle is the theme of beige, red and black suede slim back and of black and silver leather sabot.
Last but not least, black or Bordeaux sandals, a simple model which inspires creativity and agility, it is very versatile and combinable with different clothes.