Cinti is a footwear brand for modern fashion-forward women who like to keep pace with the latest trends and dynamic men with a classic yet distinctive taste.

With its nearly 50 stores it is a key player within the footwear retail scene.

Cinti women’s footwear collection stands out for the wide array of wear needs it meets: urban style for everyday use, dressy shoes for special occasions, comfortable or with sky-high heels, from sneakers to the bridal collection.

The amplitude of the collection is meant to satisfy the requirements of our customers who, like any other woman, are involved daily in different kinds of settings where shoes are a distinctive and crucial element as they define one’s own style while guiding us at all times.

Besides the footwear collection, a range of bags and accessories is also provided to finalize one’s outfit.

The men’s collection also aims at meeting the consumers’ demands, from classic shoes suitable for special occasions or business meetings to comfortable shoes to be worn over the weekend.

With a background as an agent of leather and footwear, Tonino Cinti laid the foundations of the Cinti in 1952, when he set up his own wholesale company. In 1953, the first Cinti-branded store opened in via Toscana, Bologna.

In 1975, the store was moved from Via Toscana to the fashion district called Centergross and the footwear wholesale continued up until 1995.

From 1998 onwards, more and more Cinti-branded stores opened totalling nearly 50 stores, mainly in Italy, in 2015.

Since 2013, the newborn brand Blocco31 has partnered with the Cinti chain with 20 stores opened in 2 years.

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